Invasion Day

For the past 5 years IndigenousX has been a lead contributor to the national debate around 26th January from Changing the date, changing the nation to abolishing Australia Day.

Colonisation has failed us all

With the urgency we have now to not only represent our First Nations and peoples but for the Australian nation holistically, it’s time to #ChangeTheNation our way. If Australia is genuine about listening to Indigenous voices then the power imbalance has to shift urgently

We need justice to #ChangeTheNation

In the absence of government leadership, our grieving families and communities are leading the way to change the nation.

Indigenous Science Can Save Us

I can’t help but find hope in the history of this land. It has seen destruction before. And survived. Over and over again. First Nations people have watched this land change, over tens of thousands of years. And they have adapted with it, both genetically and culturally.

Why we need to #ChangeTheNation

It is evident that Australia has no shortage of black expertise and leaders. What Australia does lack is the ability to centre these voices and leaders where we need them the most; in our policies, education, health and legal systems. Changing the date will not achieve anything while the nation itself is what needs to change.

Debunking: ‘There are more important things to talk about than Australia Day’

Almost certainly there are more important issues effecting Indigenous people than the celebrations on January 26 but that is entirely not the point.

The Day Australia Got Its Conscience

The 26th of January is indeed a historic day of significance for the Australian community. The events that took place on that day helped shape modern Australia and continue to have a profound impact of the lives of millions.

Come and rise to #ChangeTheNation

The onus is no longer on Indigenous Australia. We are awake, we are alive, we are still here.

Truth-telling to reimagine our nation(s) histories

It is customary amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to introduce oneself by identifying their family and country.

26 other shitty things we have to survive in January….

Despite what our name suggests, the Wild Black Women welcome in the new year with the same optimism of Karen from HR extolling her ‘new year new me’ resolutions.

Every Day is Survival Day in the Colony of Australia

January 26 represents the day colonisation took root on Koori lands.

Perpetual Outrage It Is.

This country loves listening to the didgeridoo while we dance for them, it enjoys hanging our dot paintings down their hallways and in their boardrooms, and they feel so humbled to allow us the honour of Welcoming them to our Countries, but there is a quick and sudden line drawn in the sand of what will be tolerated when we decide to utilise a voice we have earned, and fought hard for, to question the country they believe we should be so grateful for.

Reform: Pay the Rent

We cannot mature as a country if we do not acknowledge this damage and the responsibility of the nation to implement reform that encompasses restitution.

The global movement toward dismantling colonisation.

An Aboriginal flag engulfs a large stone, twine securing it in place, that lays beneath a fishing pontoon, at the bottom of the sea.

Fkn Straya Day

We don’t need to change the date. We need to #changethenation.

Why I no longer support #changethedate

You want a day to celebrate Australia. I want an Australia that’s worth celebrating.

Hey Ancestor!

Hey ancestor, you talking to me? Country time everyday. I know, I know, but wouldn’t you know it, it’s the 26th of January again, old Whitefella Day. Party time for some, sad day for others.

Abolish Australia Day – changing the date only seeks to further entrench Australian nationalism

We cannot seek an end to the oppression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by cajoling the broad majority of Australians with soft entreaties of ‘change the date’. As rightly pointed out by many, changing the date of Australia Day – without the achievement of social justice or legal restitution in the form of Land Rights and Treaty – only moves the celebration of unfinished business to another date.

Sky News, just stahp. You’re doing yourself zero favours.

Recently, a wonderful story hashtag-restored my faith in Australia’s mainstream media. For once it was talking somewhat positively about the homeless Indigenous people of Darwin. 
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