Claire Coleman

Claire G. Coleman is a Wirlomin Noongar woman whose ancestral country is in the south coast of Western Australia. In 2016 she was awarded a Black&Write Indigenous Writing Fellowship for a manuscript she wrote while travelling around Australia. Her novel Terra Nullius was published in September 2017 with Hachette Australia.
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Claire Coleman
Claire's articles

Think Aboriginal art from the bush is not political? Think again.

Protest through Indigenous works is not just the preserve of city ‘rabble rousers’. The home of land rights is in the bush, and our art reflects this

Debunking: ‘Aborigines took this place from the pygmies’

These theories are outdated and are not accepted as facts by almost anybody in the fields of anthropology, archeology or history.

Debunking: ‘There are more important things to talk about than Australia Day’

Almost certainly there are more important issues effecting Indigenous people than the celebrations on January 26 but that is entirely not the point.

No, I Will Not Thank You For Your Invasion

I searched the Internet for my name on a fine January morning, it can be the only way to find reviews of my work. I found my name somewhere unexpected, in an article by Keith Windschuttle in Quadrant (“Australia Dystopia”, Quadrant, January/February 2018). He quoted me, which is OK although I would prefer not being used to further his vitriol. He also called me a ‘hypocrite’, which is not ok.

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