Terra nullius 2.0 – what AUKUS means for First Nations peoples

Australia will essentially become America’s military launch-pad into Asia. However, Ben Abbatangelo writes, little has been said or written about the drastic and disproportionate impacts it will have on First Nations communities in Australia.

Black Life, Black Solidarity, and Late Stage Settler Colonialism

Life – Black life – does not stop once the article is written and the words are published.

“They just rounding us up like cattle” The catastrophic failure of emergency services in Borroloola.

Monash University researcher and Euahlayi man Bhiamie Williamson has been yarning with Borroloola residents, and learnt that emergency evacuation orders have been poorly planned, disorganised and distressing for community.

Is it possible to be racist to white people?

NB: I’ve been sitting on this draft article since last year just slowly fine tuning both the article and my thinking on the subject, but…

Still too many coppas, not enough justice

“Too Many Coppas, Not enough Justice” A protest chant heard annually on Jan 26 and regularly through the year whenever the police do their acts…

Regenerating in the wake of the referendum

Ben Abbatangelo writes about the regenerative lessons woven into the landscapes once charred from bushfires. The Voice's demise was inevitable, but we are now actively repairing, and readying to come back with renewed strength and focus.

Businesses like Woolworths don’t base decisions on morals

As we’ve seen with recent media drama around Woolworths and Coles being accused of price gouging, Nat Cromb reminds us we shouldn’t pat companies on the back for doing the bare minimum (especially when they make business decisions instead of moral ones).

He never had a chance – honouring the memory of Joshua Kerr

Meriki Onus honours the life and death of a proud Gunnai, Gunditjmara, and Yorta Yorta man, Joshua Kerr who tragically died in custody in 2022. Meriki has been present at Josh's inquest and offers her insights and reflections into systemic oppression and historical injustices.

Two apology days and no action

On May 26, 1997 the final report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families, called the…

Fostering culturally safe classrooms after a divisive January 26th

In the aftermath of January 26 the country’s atmosphere remains charged. Following the onslaught of ignorant remarks, racist comments and ultra-nationalism saturating our online spaces,…

Post-referendum Invasion Day: Let’s not bring back #changethedate

In the lead up to Invasion Day this year I’m seeing renewed energy towards keeping/changing the date amongst many non-Indigenous people online. My guess is…

Pride and Nationalism in the colony

Aussie Pride. A beauty to behold in all its forms; lamb ads, green and gold school uniforms on our Olympians, 2GB and a casual small…

Shifting Attitudes to Invasion Day Give Me Hope

Growing up in the early 1990s, Australia Day celebrations were everywhere. It was a huge commodity largely felt through the local community, school, and social…

It’s time to reimagine our communities, not have the same Invasion Day debates

This time of year can be triggering for mob. In 2024, after a lost referendum has resulted in a rise of racist calls against all…

Fake white benevolence stifles truth-telling

Natalie Cromb writes, marginalised communities' efforts for truth-telling are too often silenced by the dominating insistence of white ‘benevolence’. But change will only come from our refusal to speak anything other than the truth for us, and all marginalised peoples throughout the world.

The Journey of ‘In my blood it runs’

The 2019 film 'In My Blood It Runs' told the story of 10-year-old Arrernte boy Dujuan’s life in the Northern Territory. Here, Dujuan shares insights into working on that film, and the story in his upcoming book.

Indigenous Writers in Solidarity with Palestine

Blak solidarity with Palestinian people is powerful, writes Karen Wyld. Karen reflects on friendships and solidarity between Blak and Palestinian writers, and mutual support for Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination.

Cultural education has to be about improving outcomes for mob, not making white people feel better

In this current climate where white reality is apparently the baseline and all things mob-related is seen as an act of hostility, Luke Pearson writes of the accountability that needs to come with cultural education.

An IndigenousX Anthology – Reconcile This

A collection of reflections on perspective, resistance, advocacy, work and life written by a diverse range of past IndigenousX hosts.

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An IndigenousX Anthology - Reconcile This

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