So whose ‘Voice’ is it anyway?

We Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have always fought for our rights and have often had to do that against government authorities. So why are people surprised we want to know more about the Voice to Parliament before we commit to it? Nat Cromb writes of recent dialogues highlighting the answers we're still not getting.

Healing Country: Show up for Mother Earth

A reflection after this year's NAIDOC Theme 'Get Up, Stand Up, Show Up'. BJ Cruse writes it's time we show up for our Country, for Mother Earth.

Meet one of the 2022 Charles Perkins scholarship winners

Warumungu and Warlmanpa man, Ethan Taylor has been awarded a Charlie Perkins Scholarship. This thoughtful and generous account from Ethan shows this is a vital step in his journey towards becoming a philosopher. This is the letter he wrote for his application.

Stand Back Waleed: Sovereignty is more complex than an oath

The danger of Aly’s assertions is that it oversimplifies a very complex notion in political and legal philosophy and, by reducing the act of ceding sovereignty to a singular oath, it reveals a lack of critical insight to what sovereignty can mean and how it can operate for First Nations peoples.

First Nations psychologists are decolonising the health system one yarn at a time.

Australia needs to decolonise its mental health system and empower more Indigenous psychologists.

Attention Colonisers: we have a few questions…

For COOKED a group of young Indigenous people (aged from six years to 27 years old) posed questions to the settlers/colonisers and newcomers of so-called Australia via a website where mob could submit anonymous answers and also ask questions of us. We then turned that into a show. And what a journey it has been.

Arts Admin isn’t just about administration… it’s about culture

As a proud Wailwan arts administrator & producer, it gives me such joy to see mob front and centre representing and excelling in performing arts! But I’m also often thinking about the responsibility we have to model best practice behind the scenes, about the additional cultural load mob are expected to take on when working with white arts institutions, and worrying whether those of working in non-blak spaces are being taken properly care of. 

This election we need to see real change for First Nations communities

Many people are feeling disillusioned, fed up and downright defeated at the state of politics in this country. There are about 800,000 First Nations people in this country and yet our voices are not a priority.

Structural Reform – dissent is not a mandate for disrespect

As we continue to fight for justice, land rights, self-determination and structural reform, it is critical we remember homogeneity is a colonial concept. We are diverse and dissent does not mandate disrespect.

IndigenousX – Election 2022

The election campaign for 2022 is riddled with point-scoring and game playing. We are not here for that, we are here to check the record on the issues that matter.

‘Star Pupil’ vs ‘Unwanted Baby’: Language in the media coverage of Zachary Rolfe’s trial

The coverage on the Rolfe trial could make a reader question who is the one really being judged – the deceased or the police officer standing trial?

The Battle of Beetaloo – NT First Nations unite to stop fracking On Country

The Garrwa, Yanyuwa and Marra peoples of Borroloola know all too well the devastation created by mining and they understand that, for most governments, if they have to choose between mining and First Nations then mining wins. Every time.

I will not be lectured on violence by these women

The real shock for many was witnessing a Black man stand up in defence of the Black woman he loves. It really was shocking for some, that a Black woman would be deemed deserving of being defended, and we saw that in responses that questioned the legitimacy and significance of her disability as well as her moral character in relationship to that entanglement saga.

Queer Blak Women Deserve To Take Up Space

Boomalli has helped me find a voice as queer blak woman and it’s inspiring to see our  LGBTQIA+ community can come together yearly with such incredible work and stories . It’s important that people know we are here and we’re not going anywhere!

Who planted them seeds?

Now, if we are to recognise that shame is an exterior thing, it is both natural and instructive to then ask: who planted them seeds? I ask this question not at all as part of the process of discarding shame, as some have suggested is the best course of action. The shedding of shame, from my standpoint, is in fact at best lazy thinking and at worst wasteful.

Pertame Language Revitalization Project

I grew up in a multi language speaking household, but unfortunately for myself, I was a passive listener of Pertame and not an active speaker. Even now as an adult I shake my head in disbelief at the ignorance of my younger self for not speaking Pertame to my grandmother who spoke Pertame fluently as well as other languages. But learning from my mistakes as an adult now, I have made my realisation of learning and teaching Pertame a reality by being an apprentice with the Master and Apprentice Project (MAP).

First Nations Queer Campaign and Activist Poster Art – A Reclamation Steven Lindsay Ross

As we bump-in the 2022 Mardi Gras exhibition, Deadly/Solid/Staunch, on a hot summer’s day in early February we don’t have many of the pieces yet. What we do have creates the skeleton of the exhibition including beautiful textile pieces by Boomalli senior artist Uncle Jeffrey Samuels and a handful of other pieces by emerging artists such as Nola Taylor.


Always and Again is a poem written by queer Goorie writer, Brooke Scobie.

An IndigenousX Anthology – Reconcile This

A collection of reflections on perspective, resistance, advocacy, work and life written by a diverse range of past IndigenousX hosts.

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An IndigenousX Anthology - Reconcile This

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