Bizzi Lavelle

Bizzi Lavelle is a Wakka Wakka woman living on Quandamooka country. She is a performer and writer who specialises in sociology, gender and sexuality and race-based works.
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Bizzi's articles

Still too many coppas, not enough justice

“Too Many Coppas, Not enough Justice” A protest chant heard annually on Jan 26 and regularly through the year whenever the police do their acts…

Pride and Nationalism in the colony

Aussie Pride. A beauty to behold in all its forms; lamb ads, green and gold school uniforms on our Olympians, 2GB and a casual small…

Why Blak representation matters in Cosplay

For International Cosplay Day, Bizzi Lavelle reflects on why, when it comes to cosplay, representation matters. And sometimes that means white people need to opt out of some costume choices.

Racism in the media: “Don’t read the comments” isn’t enough anymore!

Since Stan Grant announced he is stepping away from the media, we've seen First Nations journalists tell their own stories of racism and discrimination in the workplace and a lack of support when attacked by racist trolls. This is nothing new, Bizzi Lavelle writes. She explores what has been happening in media and social media with First Nations people, some that don't make the news.

Acknowledging Women Blakademics on International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, Bizzi Lavelle writes of the Blakademic womens’ voices being unheard of or left behind altogether. In 2018 the NAIDOC theme ‘Because of Her, We Can’ saw the stories of our foremothers finally get the attention and accolades they deserve. However, since then, Bizzi has noticed there are often instances where we should still be championing these stories but aren’t.

Being ‘edgy’ at our expense is not art

There is a stark difference between hurting for and channeling your pain into your art, and demanding that Indigenous peoples bleed for your art so that you can tell everyone how bad colonisation and the crimes of the British Empire are.

Confessing past acts of racism is not the way to ‘woke’

It’s unfair to attempt to lift this guilt off yourself by burdening it onto a black person. We don’t exist to carry your guilt and rid you of your sins.

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