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IndigenousX is an Indigenous media platform that amplifies the voices of Indigenous Australia. IndigenousX publishes original content from emerging and established Indigenous writers across Australia. We specialise in analysis, commentary, and public interest journalism.

We average over 1400 page views per day on the IndigenousX website. Our IndigenousX Twitter host account averages over 3.5 million reach and our IndigenousX Pty Ltd Twitter account reaches on average 560,000 people monthly. Our Facebook reaches over 30,000 people and the IndigenousX Instagram reaches more than 36,000 people monthly.

IndigenousX stories are educational, truth telling, written from an Indigenous perspective and compelling to a wide variety of engaged and audiences.

Advertising at IndigenousX with your businesses or not for profit will reach our readers who want to be informed, make an impact and be across Indigenous community stories and voices. View the selections on offer below and speak with James Saunders on 0431 137 528 today about how your business can start advertising with us.

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Advertisement Sizes


Mobile - 300 x 250px
Desktop - 964 x 250px

IndigenousX Billboard is a standard creative and is a staple part in any digital campaign and puts your brand messages front and centre. Billboard can feature on every page type as well as tablet.


Desktop - 728 x 90px
Mobile - 320 x 50px

An advertising essential, the IndigenousX Leaderboard is a reliable asset in any digital campaign and puts your brand messages front and centre.


Desktop & Mobile - 300 x 250px

The MREC is a cross-device standard creative and puts your brand messages front and centre.
Ad Positioning

Desktop Billboard - 964 x 250px

Icon showing the Desktop Billboard ad position

Mobile Billboard - 300 x 250px

Icon showing the Mobile Billboard ad position

Desktop Leaderboard 728 x 90px

Icon showing the Desktop Leaderboard ad position

Mobile Leaderboard - 320 x 50px

Icon showing the Mobile Leaderboard ad position

Desktop MREC 300 x 250px

Icon showing the Desktop MREC ad position

Mobile MREC 300 x 250px

Icon showing the Mobile MREC ad position


$250.50 (+GST) per week


$300.50 (+GST) per week


$172.50 (+GST) per week

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