IndigenousX Presents

IndigenousX Presents is a podcast offering that continues on the digital storytelling work of IndigenousX, which for the past decade has championed the call for better representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and issues within the Australian media.

Staying true to IndigenousX’s philosophy, IndigenousX Presents will feature podcasts that amplify Indigenous voices, challenge conventional thinking and tell the stories that need to be heard.

IndigenousX presents: Blak Nation

Blak Nation is a glimpse into the conversations Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are having that you might have missed. It takes you into the spaces where these ideas are being talked about.

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IndigenousX presents: Blak Bias

How has the Australian media represented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities? Blak Bias is an in-depth look at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the news – everything from the COVID-19 pandemic to land rights to the Cleo Smith case.

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