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This election we need to see real change for First Nations communities

Structural Reform – dissent is not a mandate for disrespect

IndigenousX – Election 2022

‘Star Pupil’ vs ‘Unwanted Baby’: Language in the media coverage of Zachary Rolfe’s trial

The Battle of Beetaloo – NT First Nations unite to stop fracking On Country

I will not be lectured on violence by these women


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“Luke Pearson's IndigenousX is the most imaginative, innovative, and potentially empowering media tool that Indigenous people have had in recent years. Luke's outstanding work for my film, 'Utopia', convinced me that this form of social media would eventually carry the arguments for justice and sovereignty far and wide. ”
“IndigenousX is creating something out of nothing resources-wise, but absolutely everything in terms of people power, energy and ideas.”
“We don't have that many outlets of true representation of us and who we are with our own voices. IndigenousX is one of a kind and I just hope that more people around the world grow to understand it for what it is. Here's the thing; we are diverse as a people. Everybody thinks that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are one and that we are the same. We are not the same. We share very similar customs, ideals, and practices within our culture—the way we care for our old people, the way we value our languages and our traditions are all very similar—but it’s the diversity amongst us that makes us respect each other at such depth. That is the thing that we need to celebrate.”
“IndigenousX has not only been a positive medium for me to engage with my brothers and sisters around the world, but it has also been a safe forum to exchange and discuss ideas, even the ones that we sometimes consider taboo and want so desperately to remove ourselves from. Not only that, I believe this is only the beginning of all the amazing things that are yet to come from this truly representative grass roots movement. ”
“As the series grows, it highlights an astonishing pool of talented, opinionated and under-represented voices, which we’re excited to have on our site [The Guardian]. We see the series as another experiment that is part of our open journalism strategy – and a successful one – connecting different readerships together (in this case, our readers with Twitter users) … our collaboration with @IndigenousX brings a different angle, something fresh and outside of the media. I like its conversational nature, its intimacy, the way it is often rooted in first-hand experience.”
“IndigenousX helps us create real change for First Nations people through self-determination, by platforming our voices. IndigenousX has proven its place as a powerful media influencer for social change, for example with Luke’s piece on the ABC’s usage of the racist term “boong”, resulting in Macquarie Dictionary changing the official definition. IndigenousX is an important platform for our Aboriginal peak bodies to reach our communities and beyond. It has always given a platform to key issues for our people, like ending Black deaths in custody. More than that, IndigenousX is a community. It celebrates the hard and often unrecognised work of many First Nations people, and the strength of our culture. I think that our voices are stronger together, and IndigenousX gives us a platform to be bold, be loud and be heard.”

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