We offer a range of services to organisations, businesses, community groups, and research projects.

We collaborate with our clients to get the best results for their staff and projects.

We offer services in Digital Media, Training & Workshops, School Incursions, Content Creation, & Promotions.

Since 2012 IndigenousX have developed a proven track record in producing honest and engaging awareness online through articles, consistent topical analysis, and services offerings across a range of sectors.

IndigenousX is 100% Indigenous owned and operated and have demonstrated respect for Indigenous knowledges and storytelling. The “why” of IndigenousX is simple; ‘we do not need other people to tell our stories for us’. 

The company has also helped create groundbreaking content for some of Australia’s most prominent federal agencies, national institutions, and private enterprises, taking our work nationally and globally.

IndigenousX also regularly collaborates with a range of Indigenous professionals and personalities through our national network of colleagues and collaborators. Not only are we known for our highly qualified staff, but our social impact statement and strategy is what makes us unique and helps us to stand out within the community.

Digital Media

IndigenousX can help you design cutting edge digital media strategies, innovative community engagement solutions, as well as practical program and policy development.

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Training & Workshops

IndigenousX offers a range of training packages to organisations ranging from 3-hours to 3-day workshops delivered by expert Indigenous facilitators. IndigenousX customises training to best meet your organisation’s needs.

To date, IndigenousX has provided workshops covering a wide range of topics, including community engagement, anti-racism, promotions, digital strategies, social media, media, corporate responsibility, and professional communications.

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IndigenousX partners with NSWAEGC to deliver the Kooriculum Indigenous Science program in primary schools.

The Kooriculum program is a 1-day package designed to give students hands-on knowledge and experience with Indigenous sciences. The program is linked to the Australian School Curriculum and is informed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Culture learning resources.

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Content Creation

IndigenousX provides expert professional consultation and partners with you to develop and engage with online communities.

IndigenousX has an outstanding track record in social media content development, audience engagement, customer service, and online campaigning.

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IndigenousX speakers can work in a variety of formats, both digital and face-to-face, to deliver important messages to your audiences. IndigenousX speakers are committed to providing thought provoking, entertaining and enlightening talks that challenge existing ways of thinking.

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Talks / Public Speaking

We also offer Public Speaking, have a look for yourself at some of our talks online:

Mabo Oration 2019

LIME 2019 Keynote

Clancestry Conversation #BLACKTIVISM

This conversation examines both the old and new battlegrounds of black activism, and how the messages of the movement have influenced and infiltrated local and global agendas. CHAIR: Leesa Watego PANELLISTS: Professor Gracelyn Smallwood, Dr Gary Foley,Luke Pearson, Amy McQuire Programs curated by Dr Chelsea Bond

Aboriginal representation in Comics and Pop Culture with Luke Pearson

After reading Luke Pearson's article "The Wombat to Kaptn Koori - Aboriginal representation in comic books and capes" we just had to have him on the show to talk about the topic further.

Luminosity Youth Summit 2016

FastBreak: 3 Things

October's fastBREAK was themed 3things and our diverse range of speakers focused on innovative ways to create social change.

Do Lectures 2014

Luke invites Australians to work together by recognising why it is important to embrace history to understand the causal relationship between past and present.

TEDxCanberra 2013

Luke Pearson's journey from country NSW to teaching in Sydney, and then to the creation of @IndigenousX on Twitter, is part of a bigger journey to share Australia's diverse, courageous, and inspiring Aboriginal heritage.

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