About Us

IndigenousX was founded in 2012 by our director, Luke Pearson, as a way to help showcase and amplify a diverse range of Indigenous voices online. The project began as a rotating Twitter account, where a new Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander host takes over the account each week to tell their own story in their own words.

Twitter remains to be our most recognised and engaging platform to date with over 45,000 followers online and over 350 hosts taking over the account, but it has also expanded from its humble beginnings to developing partnerships with the Guardian Australia; crowdfunding platform StartSomeGood (with over $400,000 raised for Indigenous projects so far); a sister-account in Canada (@IndigenousXca);

a business account (@IndigenousXLtd) with over 33,000 followers; our own content on our own website with hundreds of articles published by Indigenous writers; a product range via Redbubble; and complimentary social media accounts on FacebookInstagram, and Youtube to name just a few.


The success of IndigenousX has lead to increased involvement in supporting a variety of related projects and campaigns, and accordingly we now offer a range of services to organisations, businesses, community groups, and research projects.

We have over 10 years experience assisting clients to improve their approach, innovate their projects and reach online audiences.

These services broadly take the forms of Consultancy, Promotions, Crowdfunding, Training, Social Media management, and Public Speaking.


We are available to provide a range of flexible support and consultancy packages to individuals, groups and organisations in a variety of fields, including social media strategies, community engagement, policy development and evaluation, research, anti-racism training, professional development, and education.


If you have a call to action, be it an event, campaign, or opportunity that you would like to promote to our 23,000+ audience of IndigenousX supporters, we have a package that can suit your needs and budget.


Via our partnership with crowdfunding site StartSomeGood, IndigenousX has assisted over a dozen projects successfully raise a combined total of over $400,000 so far for arts and media projects, campaigns, and new products. All we require is that your project has a suitable level of Indigenous involvement and engagement and is raising funds for a product, event, campaign or idea that we are willing and able to support while remaining consistent with our own principles.
We can assist with the development and implementation of your campaign, and can ensure that your campaign receives the support and promotion necessary to ensure it has the best possible chance of success.


Having taught successfully in primary schools, high schools, and universities, at professional development days for schools as well as delivering in house training for a number of organisations and community groups on topics including Indigenous community engagement, anti-racism, promotions, digital strategies, social media, thought leadership, corporate responsibility, and social innovation; IndigenousX is ready and able to provide professional and engaging training to learners of all ages and stages on any number of topics and issues.

We work directly with clients to develop individually tailored training packages to ensure you get the best experience possible.


IndigenousX has an outstanding track record in social media content development, audience engagement, customer service, and online campaigning. We are able to provide these skills and knowledges to a variety of organisations to assist you to develop and engage your online community in a collaborative and professional fashion.


From half day interactive lectures and workshops to 5min motivational talks, IndigenousX is able to deliver high energy and engaging talks for any event. Covering a wide range of topics, these talks can be challenging, enlightening, motivating, personal, informal, professional, impromptu or highly structured depending on the event, the audience, and the intended outcomes.
Whatever the style or content though, you can be assured that an IndigenousX talk will be a memorable event.

Don’t simply take our word for it though, have a look
for yourself at some of our talks online:

TEDxCanberra 2013

Luke Pearson's journey from country NSW to teaching in Sydney, and then to the creation of @IndigenousX on Twitter, is part of a bigger journey to share Australia's diverse...

IndigenousX: Luke Pearson at TEDxCanberra

...courageous, and inspiring Aboriginal heritage.

Watch it here

Do Lectures 2014

Luke invites Australians to work together by recognising why it is important to embrace history to understand the causal relationship between past and present.

Back Title

Because what we think we do is often distinct from what we actually do.

Watch it here

FastBreak: 3 Things

October's fastBREAK was themed 3things and our diverse range of speakers focused on innovative ways to create social change.

Looking Back So We Can Look Forward - Luke Pearson

More information on the event can be found at

Watch it here!


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