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  • Ray Kelly
  • 20 Oct 2021

Doing the work to address Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a significant issue in Aboriginal communities. Ray Kelly shares his experience and what work is being done to support our community health.

  • Jared Field
  • 19 Oct 2021

On ‘Our African Roots’: A First Nations Response

  • Nayuka Gorrie
  • 12 Oct 2021

Why vaccination presents an ethical dilemma for us, but remains the best way to keep our families safe


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Editor's Picks

I don’t want to play: new song highlights racism in AFL

Artists James Alberts aka ‘Jimblah’ and Marlon Moltop address racism in the AFL with “Lean on Me”, a song of resilience.

Without quite knowing

Jared Field discusses beautifully the search through story for a word that sheds colonial norms and labels.
  • 16 Aug 2021

Exclusive: celebrating the career of Eddie Betts

Eddie Betts' prowess as a football player is well known, as is his leadership and generosity off the field. IndigenousX speaks exclusively with Eddie as he hangs up his boots and tells us what is next.

Aboriginal communities and nations to decide who is and who is not a member of their sovereign country

Tony Birch discusses the complexity of identity and the pain of lost connection with credence to the power of connection and the importance of respect.

Wangan & Jagalingou Community Calls to Action to Protect Sacred Country

The Wangan and Jagalingou community call on Adani to immediately withdraw from their country as per their eviction notice and call us to action in support.

Supanova, We Need To Talk

As a former volunteer of Supanova, an Activist and the writer of this article, I myself have to express my absolute disgust that Homophobes and White Supremacists were allowed to push their propaganda at Supanova, and have decided to never attend a Supanova again.

The fight for Djab Wurrung

Djab Wurrung woman Sissy Austin tells us that despite losing an element of our country, the fight continues this week with the three day Supreme Court trial.

“I want to be known as a Gundijtmara activist”

Meriki Onus sits down with her Nan, Alma Thorpe, to discuss her amazing life as a communist, an Aboriginal Health Worker and above all, a Gundijtmara activist.

The nation does not care about people who become incarcerated

Tony Birch says that to state that a loss of Aboriginal life results in yet another ‘death in custody’ is to use language that refuses the reality of murder in custody that we know will be failed by the system.
Latest Articles

Blak Nation Podcast conversations – cultural safety in the workplace

Indigenous employees working in Indigenous affairs are living the stories at home and at work, and that comes at a cost

If Indigenous people die younger, should we retire younger too?

My father worked a twelve-hour day As a stockman on the station The very same work but not the same pay As his white companions…

Blak books in the time of COVID

Connection, community and creative exploration is made difficult during a pandemic but there are many ways to support your wellness through reading and support the creatives that give life to your favourite books. Karen Wyld gives us some additional insight.

Legal challenge launched to secure fair access to the Age Pension for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Because of the gap in life expectancies, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are being denied the same opportunity to retire and receive support through the Age Pension. While the gap in life expectancies persists, eligibility for the Age Pension should reflect the average life expectancies of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as they age.

Think Aboriginal art from the bush is not political? Think again.

Protest through Indigenous works is not just the preserve of city ‘rabble rousers’. The home of land rights is in the bush, and our art reflects this

Ban spit hoods!

For five years our family have demanded answers and justice, while enduring a coronial inquest, with constant delays, a review by the SA Ombudsman and a Parliamentary Inquiry into the Administration of SA Prisons. We are still waiting. We call on Parliamentarians to support Fella’s Bill, for our son and brother’s legacy, and so no other person or famIly has to experience this injustice and heartbreak.

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