Pride and Nationalism in the colony

Aussie Pride. A beauty to behold in all its forms; lamb ads, green and gold school uniforms on our Olympians, 2GB and a casual small…

Shifting Attitudes to Invasion Day Give Me Hope

Growing up in the early 1990s, Australia Day celebrations were everywhere. It was a huge commodity largely felt through the local community, school, and social…

It’s time to reimagine our communities, not have the same Invasion Day debates

This time of year can be triggering for mob. In 2024, after a lost referendum has resulted in a rise of racist calls against all…

Fake white benevolence stifles truth-telling

Natalie Cromb writes, marginalised communities' efforts for truth-telling are too often silenced by the dominating insistence of white ‘benevolence’. But change will only come from our refusal to speak anything other than the truth for us, and all marginalised peoples throughout the world.

The Journey of ‘In my blood it runs’

The 2019 film 'In My Blood It Runs' told the story of 10-year-old Arrernte boy Dujuan’s life in the Northern Territory. Here, Dujuan shares insights into working on that film, and the story in his upcoming book.

Indigenous Writers in Solidarity with Palestine

Blak solidarity with Palestinian people is powerful, writes Karen Wyld. Karen reflects on friendships and solidarity between Blak and Palestinian writers, and mutual support for Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination.

Cultural education has to be about improving outcomes for mob, not making white people feel better

In this current climate where white reality is apparently the baseline and all things mob-related is seen as an act of hostility, Luke Pearson writes of the accountability that needs to come with cultural education.

How can a Voice to parliament help my people and the wider community?

There’s been a lot of talk about how the Voice to Parliament could assist communities, Youth Yes Campaigner Jade Gould tells us what this could actually look like in practice.

An open letter to mob about after the referendum

Luke Pearson writes of the Yes - No divide as a false binary. Instead we should take note of those who support Indigenous rights, and those who don’t.

Yes/No 2023 Referendum: Some things to consider

We’re all being asked to vote ‘Yes or No’ in the Voice referendum. Wiradjuri academic Emma Olssen gives us some things to consider when taking part in the vote.

Two chicken nuggets, a golf club and the Voice debate that forgot Indigenous Rights

The Voice referendum is being predominantly pitched as a way to address the ‘gaps’ we live with as Indigenous people in so-called Australia. Luke Pearson reminds everyone that Indigenous rights need to extend beyond a response to disadvantage.

Why I moved from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ on the Voice

As someone who is often in the public eye, Meriki Onus has found herself at the crossroads of a significant shift in her stance on the upcoming referendum on October 14th. This decision has been fuelled by a multitude of factors, but, Meriki writes, it's imperative that she clarifies the reasons behind her transformation from a firm "no" to a "yes."

In these testing times, our Ancestors would show love and compassion

With the national debate leading into the Voice to Parliament referendum intensifying, we must remember to be kind to one another as an act of solidarity against racism. Wiradjuri and Wailwan woman Teela Reid reminds us that this is the way of our ancestors, and we need to continue this, no matter the referendum’s outcome.

Blak friends in a ‘friendship recession’

Post-lockdowns, and even just as our lives get busier, it can be difficult maintaining connections with friends. Ellen van Neerven writes of prioritising Blak friendships can be significant in times like these.

Public Statement from Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM on Treaty and the Voice

Senior initiated clan leader of the Yolŋu Nation of North East Arnhem Land, Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM outlines his position on Treaty and the upcoming Voice Referendum.

The fight for Djab Wurrung continues

While the country’s current focus is on the referendum, Djab Wurrung women focus on yet another attack on sacred women's country. Djab Wurrung woman Sissy Austin writes of the latest attack on another sacred tree on Country.

Thin black veils and unity tickets.

Now the Voice to Parliament referendum date has been announced, Ben Abbatangelo writes, we as a nation are being reminded, there’s no moral high ground between Labor and Liberal, and by extension, ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Stop this country being comfortable with our pain. Why I’m voting yes.

Arrernte man, father, and the founder and managing director of Kings Narrative, Tyson Mpetyane Carmody, writes of the journey to the Voice to Parliament, and why he will be voting Yes in the upcoming referendum.

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