Still too many coppas, not enough justice

“Too Many Coppas, Not enough Justice” A protest chant heard annually on Jan 26 and regularly through the year whenever the police do their acts…

He never had a chance – honouring the memory of Joshua Kerr

Meriki Onus honours the life and death of a proud Gunnai, Gunditjmara, and Yorta Yorta man, Joshua Kerr who tragically died in custody in 2022. Meriki has been present at Josh's inquest and offers her insights and reflections into systemic oppression and historical injustices.

Post-referendum Invasion Day: Let’s not bring back #changethedate

In the lead up to Invasion Day this year I’m seeing renewed energy towards keeping/changing the date amongst many non-Indigenous people online. My guess is…

Indigenous Writers in Solidarity with Palestine

Blak solidarity with Palestinian people is powerful, writes Karen Wyld. Karen reflects on friendships and solidarity between Blak and Palestinian writers, and mutual support for Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination.

Public Statement from Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM on Treaty and the Voice

Senior initiated clan leader of the Yolŋu Nation of North East Arnhem Land, Rev Dr Djiniyini Gondarra OAM outlines his position on Treaty and the upcoming Voice Referendum.

We don’t want ‘equity’, acknowledge our sovereignty

Adjunct Professor Phillip Mills of the Kulkalgal Nation, explores the importance of prioritising sovereignty over equity for Indigenous peoples’ survival.

Fighting racism needs to go beyond banning symbols and ‘bad words’

Arrernte writer Celeste Liddle speaks up about the racism, targeted and racialised bullying she has endured, concluding that Australia has little hope of ever eradicating the extreme racism of fascists.

Another inquiry in NSW, another missed opportunity for change

In NSW the Coroner is crucial in determining cause of death whenever there is a sudden, unexpected or unnatural death in the community, including when the police are involved. A recent inquiry into this system has revealed an unwillingness on behalf of government to implement changes that could save countless Aboriginal families needless grief and suffering, Lindsay McCabe explains.

Australian youth justice systems are in crisis: now is the time to Raise The Age

Cheryl Axleby, Co-Chair of Change the Record writes of the crisis of the overrepresentation of First Nations children in incarceration. We need to raise the age of criminal responsibility.

‘Star Pupil’ vs ‘Unwanted Baby’: Language in the media coverage of Zachary Rolfe’s trial

The coverage on the Rolfe trial could make a reader question who is the one really being judged – the deceased or the police officer standing trial?

The need for Indigenous Australians to be their own narrators is more important than ever

Social media has allowed community to tell their stories their way, but non-mob must recognise cultural growth and adaption as well as tradition

Rest as Resistance

Mililma May, Larrakia/Tiwi woman and co-founder of Uprising of the People writes about rest as resistance during a global pandemic and rise of white supremacists anti-vax groups.

There’s a link between the over-policing of Indigenous kids and our people dying in custody

Our children’s innocence is stolen, and the system presents them with a life in and out of prison

We still fight for justice within a system determined to deny it

In our communities, we all know someone that has been impacted by the criminal justice system in a harmful (often devastating) way.

No Justice, Just Us

This is not a numbers game. These are people, Aboriginal people, whose lives have been snuffed out in the ongoing machinery of colonisation and the carceral State.

Hear the families’ calls for justice, 30 years and 474 black deaths in custody since the Royal Commission

If we collectively support the families’ calls and call on governments to act, we can end this injustice once and for all. We cannot, and must not, wait another generation for change.

Wiyi Yani U Thangani Report

Wiyi Yani U Thangani – Securing Our Rights, Securing Our Future Report 2020 marks new beginnings for our First Nations women and girls, and for…

Response to Victorian Practice Direction on Deaths in Custody

On the 22nd September Victorian State Coroner Judge John Cain released a practice note outlining changes in the conduct of coronial investigations into Aboriginal deaths in custody in Victoria.

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