COVID-19 and Custody – Calls for Release

There has not been anything in the bill nor the explanatory memoranda to address bail in the current uncertain circumstances and there are calls within the legal fraternity that the current legislative changes contemplated do not go far enough. As it stands, there is a significant population in custody that have not been found guilty of a crime and they should be released.

Justice? No – we get tokenism.

It is not new to us that huge corporations and government agencies are very happy to parade their ‘good Aborigines’ or include us in photo ops.

IWD and every day – we fight for justice

Increasingly, we see the corporatisation of IWD. Action being replaced by cupcakes, but for us - the struggle is daily and it is for justice.

We need justice to #ChangeTheNation

In the absence of government leadership, our grieving families and communities are leading the way to change the nation.

Inquest into the death of Aunty Tanya Day — how did we get here?

The inquest, running until September 13, is the culmination of twenty months of intensive advocacy and investigations. How did we get here?

Exploitative practices not unconscionable.

You know when you rage and are that wild you grind your teeth, bite your tongue and sing people in your head? That is how I have felt writing the words that follow, so much so, that I have done CTRL+find checks to make sure none of my usual four letter words crept in.

The Voller Verdict and being human on the internet

Craig Quartermaine reflects on what it is to be human online in light of the high Court's recent Voller Verdict.

Who is accountable for our deaths?

Wayne Fella Morrison died in custody on 26th September, 2016 from reasons including spithood and restraint asphyxia (suffocation). He was a 29 year old father, a fisherman and an artist.

#FreeThePeople – saving lives and challenging the system

When I read the final report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody as an 18 year old over a decade after it was signed, despite all that I was taught by my elders growing up, I never imagined that we would still be discussing laws so overtly racist in their intent and application today.

We can’t dismantle systems of violence unless we centre Aboriginal women

When we talk about eliminating violence against Aboriginal women, we aren’t just talking about individual acts, or solely interpersonal violence.

Victorian Government tackling youth crime by criminalising youth

Yorta Yorta woman Nerita Waight writes about the Victorian Government's new 'anti-association' laws and the potential impact they might have on Aboriginal youth.

This NAIDOC Week, I want to acknowledge my sisters in jail.

Despite being 3% of the overall population, Aboriginal women make up 34% of the prison population. Dr Jackie Huggins AO, asks us to think of those women this NAIDOC week and why there is such a disparity.

Jill Gallagher and the road ahead for Victoria’s Treaty

Jill Gallagher is charged with creating the context in which Victorian Treaty negotiations can flourish. She talks to Daniel James about the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Indigenous youth incarceration: Ending the injustice

Here are 8 things the government can do right now to end this injustice.

Violence against women is everyone’s business

Dear Aboriginal Men, my brothers, my cousins, my uncles, my grandfathers, elders and countrymen. We need to talk about violence against Aboriginal women and other women.

Systemic responses continue to fail and traumatise Aboriginal women who survive violence

I was extremely alarmed to read the recent ABC news report about an Aboriginal woman from a western NSW community who had been charged, and further held in a local police cell overnight, for not attending court to provide evidence as a result of domestic violence...

When water is death

The day before yesterday I poured a glass of water from my tap in our town camp and gave it to my granddaughter – I did not know it then, but there was poison in that water.

Big questions remain over the police treatment of Aboriginal protest group at Games

While there’s been plenty of questions over decisions regarding the entry of athletes in Sunday night’s closing ceremony of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, something which occurred outside the stadium involving a group of valid ticket-holders has largely been neglected by commentators and critics.

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