Cheryl Axleby

Cheryl Axleby is a proud Narungga woman with family ties across South Australia. Cheryl is the co-chair of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (NATSILS).
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Cheryl Axleby, co-chair of NATSILS
Cheryl's articles

Australian youth justice systems are in crisis: now is the time to Raise The Age

Cheryl Axleby, Co-Chair of Change the Record writes of the crisis of the overrepresentation of First Nations children in incarceration. We need to raise the age of criminal responsibility.

Indigenous youth incarceration: Ending the injustice

Here are 8 things the government can do right now to end this injustice.

Budget ignores solutions and damages our communities

Yet again, our people have been let down with this year’s Federal Budget. The investment in our communities is more eroded, our quality of life more diminished, our voices and needs more blatantly ignored.

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