Celeste's articles

Fighting racism needs to go beyond banning symbols and ‘bad words’

Arrernte writer Celeste Liddle speaks up about the racism, targeted and racialised bullying she has endured, concluding that Australia has little hope of ever eradicating the extreme racism of fascists.

Let’s Recognise More Conservative White Men

If there was one thing we needed more of in the discussion on Constitutional Recognition for Indigenous people, it was the centring of the voices of wealthy, conservative white men.

I’m Not A ‘Proud Australian’

I don’t “feel” Australian. I don’t ever identify as just “Australian”. I don’t sing the anthem. I don’t wave the flag and don’t really care when I see someone burning it. I don’t feel proud on Australia Day. I don’t eat lamb chops. Frankly, I don’t particularly care for the people who do all the aforementioned. Indeed, a good portion of the time, I tend to view them with disdain and frustration.

Constitutional Recognition Survey

The question of whether Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wish to be recognised within the Australian Constitution, and what form that recognition would take, is still a topic of strong debate in the community.

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