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He never had a chance – honouring the memory of Joshua Kerr

Meriki Onus honours the life and death of a proud Gunnai, Gunditjmara, and Yorta Yorta man, Joshua Kerr who tragically died in custody in 2022. Meriki has been present at Josh's inquest and offers her insights and reflections into systemic oppression and historical injustices.

Why I moved from ‘no’ to ‘yes’ on the Voice

As someone who is often in the public eye, Meriki Onus has found herself at the crossroads of a significant shift in her stance on the upcoming referendum on October 14th. This decision has been fuelled by a multitude of factors, but, Meriki writes, it's imperative that she clarifies the reasons behind her transformation from a firm "no" to a "yes."

“I want to be known as a Gundijtmara activist”

Meriki Onus sits down with her Nan, Alma Thorpe, to discuss her amazing life as a communist, an Aboriginal Health Worker and above all, a Gundijtmara activist.

Parliament house sexual assaults, Australia you have a problem

Meriki powerfully points to the toxicity and racism that is rife in our power structures and speaks of the necessary change required before women can ever feel safe and calls upon white women for intersectionality.

Aunty Tanya Day’s Inquest – Daily Updates

The inquest was opened with an acknowledgement of country by Yorta Yorta Elder Uncle Colin Walker. Uncle Colin poured sand from Dhungalla/ the Murray River on the bench to explain where Aunty Tanya Day commonly found rest and how she was denied such rest prior to her death.

Inquest into the death of Aunty Tanya Day — how did we get here?

The inquest, running until September 13, is the culmination of twenty months of intensive advocacy and investigations. How did we get here?

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