Lindsay McCabe

Lindsay is a proud Palawa woman who grew up on Darug Country in western Sydney. She is currently completing her PhD at the University of Sydney.
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Lindsay McCabe
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Impact statement from Nathan Booth’s family

Nathan Booth was reported missing in July 2019, and after months of inaction from the police, his body was found in December that year, in the Murrumbidgee. After five years of waiting, the inquest into Nathan’s death is continuing this week. Yesterday Nathan’s family made a statement, which we have published with their permission.

Another inquiry in NSW, another missed opportunity for change

In NSW the Coroner is crucial in determining cause of death whenever there is a sudden, unexpected or unnatural death in the community, including when the police are involved. A recent inquiry into this system has revealed an unwillingness on behalf of government to implement changes that could save countless Aboriginal families needless grief and suffering, Lindsay McCabe explains.

No Justice, Just Us

This is not a numbers game. These are people, Aboriginal people, whose lives have been snuffed out in the ongoing machinery of colonisation and the carceral State.

Response to Victorian Practice Direction on Deaths in Custody

On the 22nd September Victorian State Coroner Judge John Cain released a practice note outlining changes in the conduct of coronial investigations into Aboriginal deaths in custody in Victoria.

An Aboriginal liaison in the Coroner’s Court is just the start, but we need to start somewhere.

Research indicates that as Aboriginal peoples, we are overrepresented in almost every category of reportable death, including violent or suspicious deaths, deaths in State custody, and deaths as a result of police operations.

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