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Aunty Tanya Day’s Inquest – Daily Updates

The inquest was opened with an acknowledgement of country by Yorta Yorta Elder Uncle Colin Walker. Uncle Colin poured sand from Dhungalla/ the Murray River on the bench to explain where Aunty Tanya Day commonly found rest and how she was denied such rest prior to her death.

Inquest into the death of Aunty Tanya Day — how did we get here?

The inquest, running until September 13, is the culmination of twenty months of intensive advocacy and investigations. How did we get here?

The global movement toward dismantling colonisation.

An Aboriginal flag engulfs a large stone, twine securing it in place, that lays beneath a fishing pontoon, at the bottom of the sea.

Who is accountable for our deaths?

Wayne Fella Morrison died in custody on 26th September, 2016 from reasons including spithood and restraint asphyxia (suffocation). He was a 29 year old father, a fisherman and an artist.

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