Shiralee Lawson

Shiralee Lawson is a Wonnarua and Kunja woman residing and raising a family on Dharawal Country. She is a senior consultant for Indigenous consultancy Two Point Co
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Shiralee's articles

Blak women are doing the work, are you listening?

We must love, support and protect each other at all costs. Not only through encouragement and uplifting words but by holding one another to account to uphold and protect the legacies that our old ones created.

We need to create diverse spaces that include Blak women. The time for invisibility is over

As Aboriginal women we have to fight tooth and nail to be listened to, even in spaces where we are beyond capable.

Why we need to #ChangeTheNation

It is evident that Australia has no shortage of black expertise and leaders. What Australia does lack is the ability to centre these voices and leaders where we need them the most; in our policies, education, health and legal systems. Changing the date will not achieve anything while the nation itself is what needs to change.

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