Daniel James

Daniel James is a Yorta Yorta man on Wurundjeri land. Daniel is a writer, consultant and passionate social justice advocate.
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Daniel James
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Exclusive: celebrating the career of Eddie Betts

Eddie Betts' prowess as a football player is well known, as is his leadership and generosity off the field. IndigenousX speaks exclusively with Eddie as he hangs up his boots and tells us what is next.

Stop the empty gestures and start listening to First Nations people. We are the experts

Punitive laws are destroying our children’s futures. Changing a word in the national anthem won’t help.

Elections to be held for the First Peoples of Victoria Assembly

Yesterday, two elections were called. One that will help determine what kind of country we want to be, how we see ourselves. The other will determine who will form government. One takes place every three years, the other once in a generation.

Hold onto your combs, hide your toothbrushes One Nation is here

One Nation announcing ‘policies’ they know will never be implemented but which they hope will stir up enough racism to score them a few extra redneck votes… ?

The Day Australia Got Its Conscience

The 26th of January is indeed a historic day of significance for the Australian community. The events that took place on that day helped shape modern Australia and continue to have a profound impact of the lives of millions.

It’s OK to Whitewash

Indigenous people across the country deserve better than this staggering ineptitude and support for white Australia policies.

Five Wasted Years

Actually, someone should tell him, he can’t be special envoy for Indigenous affairs as well! It is more than disturbing that Abbott has been given free rein in the area.

Then Unoccupied

History is all around us, so is the denialism of true history. A monument to John Batman at Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market is yet another example.

Put your dog whistles away, the “final solution” is here

Fraser Anning's speech is the latest step in a downward spiral towards blatant racism and intolerance in Australian politics.

Bolt’s Utopia is our Dystopia

Daniel James responds to one of Andrew Bolt's recent columns in which Bolt laments the "colonising" of Australian suburbs by immigrants.

Why I am opting out of My Health Record

Yorta Yorta man, Daniel James explains why he will be opting out of the government's My Health Record scheme.

Lidia Thorpe, Member for Northcote

Lidia Thorpe MP, talks to IndigenousX about her role as the first Aboriginal woman in the Victorian Parliament.

Jill Gallagher and the road ahead for Victoria’s Treaty

Jill Gallagher is charged with creating the context in which Victorian Treaty negotiations can flourish. She talks to Daniel James about the opportunities and challenges ahead.

The Marginalisation of Free Speech

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press has always been a double edged sword for Aboriginal people. At its worst, the media perpetuates racist stereotypes that continue the Australian tradition of oppressing Aboriginal people throughout the centuries...

Socceroos Need More Indigenous Talent

It’s clear that the FFA is not serious about nourishing Aboriginal soccer talent. The other codes do it because, as much as anything else, it is good for business to have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent on display week-in, week out.

Welcome to the Federal Seat of Cooper

The AEC has announced the Federal Seat of Batman will now be known as the Federal Seat of Cooper.

Small steps towards justice

There’s still a long way to go. To date, Victoria is the only state to formally introduce a Bill that details a process towards a treaty.

Reconciliation – the new safe word

It is each year, during reconciliation week, that we see politicians make public pronouncements about reconciliation, equal partnership and respect in an attempt to out-Mandela each other.

Social justice incorporated

Despite the corporate sloganeering of recent years, the AFL has a chequered history when it comes to the treatment of racism in sport.

Greatness hides in plain sight

It’s good to reflect every now and then. It’s good to understand that if it wasn’t for the sacrifices, the strength, and most importantly the love of those who came before us, many wouldn’t be where they are today.

Is this the Australia we really want?

We are or soon will be living in a country that has a diminished national broadcaster, will be an international arms trader, have a real-time facial recognition database and new powers that allow police to stop and ask you for your papers every time you step foot in an airport (at this stage). So the question has to be asked, is this the Australia we really want?

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