Dr Eugenia Flynn

Dr Eugenia Flynn is a Larrakia, Tiwi, Chinese Malaysian and Muslim writer, researcher and community organiser. She is Vice Chancellor’s Indigenous Postdoctoral Fellow in Writing and Publishing at the School of Media and Communication, RMIT University. Eugenia’s creative practice explores narratives of truth, grief, and devastation, interwoven with explorations of race and gender. Her essays, short stories and poems have been published widely.
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Dr Eugenia's articles

Black Life, Black Solidarity, and Late Stage Settler Colonialism

Life – Black life – does not stop once the article is written and the words are published.

Black Grief and the Elimination of the Native

Dr Eugenia Flynn writes about the health system and it's lack of ability to see our [Mob] lives and deaths as anything other than numbers.

Black Australia to Palestine: solidarity in decolonial struggle

There is no end in sight to these modern-day forms of colonial violence inflicted upon our peoples by these two liberal democratic states, Australia and Israel. Grief, sorrow and anger bind us together as we face the attempted elimination of our Peoples. Together, we understand the role that racism has played in both our histories and current contexts.

Abolish Australia Day – changing the date only seeks to further entrench Australian nationalism

We cannot seek an end to the oppression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by cajoling the broad majority of Australians with soft entreaties of ‘change the date’. As rightly pointed out by many, changing the date of Australia Day – without the achievement of social justice or legal restitution in the form of Land Rights and Treaty – only moves the celebration of unfinished business to another date.

Cultural Awareness Training Is Not A Punishment, Or A Cure-All For Institutional Racism

By now you could possibly have seen the story about a South Australian cop who called an Aboriginal man a “black c—” and said he would like to “tie the hose around your neck, set you on fire, and drag you around the streets attached to our car with the lights and sirens on.” I say possibly because the story did not get much airtime in the national press and the police officer in question was neither demoted nor fired

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