IndigenousX Showcasing and celebrating Indigenous diversity.

IndigenousX is one of Twitter’s most beloved rotating accounts. Followers are invited to join the journey of one Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander host each and every week. For over two years IndigenousX has provided an opportunity for a range of hosts to tell their stories on their own terms. Hosts raise awareness and challenge the ideas of our thousands of online followers.

In more recent times, IndigenousX has grown its social connectivity to include Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. The upcoming addition of a YouTube channel will provide a new dimension to the IndigenousX experience.


What's on - An afternoon Q&A - IndigenousX

The Website – In Development

IndigenousX is self funded by founder Luke Pearson. Through his existing partnerships & network IndigenousX has grown to what it is today, a platform to showcase & celebrate Indigenous diversity.

The next stage for IndigenousX is the development of the website. The website will provide an additional platform to promote our hosts each week, showcase Indigenous bloggers and online content creators. It will strive to provide engaging information about a diverse range of interest areas, and will showcase the great work of some of our friends and supporters.

In keeping with the spirit of IndigenousX, the website will be a living project. It will change and grow to meet the needs of hosts, users & contributors alike. So please feel free to check out the site once it goes live, make any suggestions or provide any feedback that will help us make the best site we can.

How to get involved

IndigenousX is calling on our loving friends and fans to lend a hand to help the IndigenousX website launch sooner! There are two ways you can help out;

    1. You could make a donation via our PayPal donate page. Simply click the below button and you’ll be taken directly to our secure donate page.Donate Button - Paypal
    2. Purchase an IndigenousX Logo T-Shirt via our Redbubble account. When you buy a T-shirt proceeds from the sale will go directly to IndigenousX and you will get a T-shirt in the size colour and style you want! Everybody wins.

Buy a T-Shirt and Support IndigX

Thank you for your support. We look forward to launching the website with your help!

Keep up with everything IndigenousX via Twitter and our other social media profiles. If you have any suggestions or feedback please hit us up on Twitter.