Ben Abbatangelo

Ben Abbatangelo is a Gunaikurnai & Wotjobaluk creative, impactor and writer.
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Terra nullius 2.0 – what AUKUS means for First Nations peoples

Australia will essentially become America’s military launch-pad into Asia. However, Ben Abbatangelo writes, little has been said or written about the drastic and disproportionate impacts it will have on First Nations communities in Australia.

Regenerating in the wake of the referendum

Ben Abbatangelo writes about the regenerative lessons woven into the landscapes once charred from bushfires. The Voice's demise was inevitable, but we are now actively repairing, and readying to come back with renewed strength and focus.

Thin black veils and unity tickets.

Now the Voice to Parliament referendum date has been announced, Ben Abbatangelo writes, we as a nation are being reminded, there’s no moral high ground between Labor and Liberal, and by extension, ‘yes’ and ‘no’.

Self-determination can’t be achieved through compromised finance

Ben Abbatangelo writes of his experiences dealing with philanthropists, and his decision to walk away from this kind of money. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and businesses have limited options for funding, Ben writes, but we shouldn’t take blood money from companies who bring harm to Country, and by extension, us.

Apocalypse and the Indigenous Imagination

In his debut IX piece, Ben takes us on an intimate and thought provoking deep-dive into the nature of the colonial machine and its endless war against the strength, beauty and dignity of Indigenous existence.

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