Five Questions with K’Tahni Pridham

In 2013, Twitter Hosts by IndigenousX

K’Tahni Pridham was Indigenous X host from November 8 to November 15, 2013.

Five questions to K’Tahni

*Blushes* Hi, my name is K’Tahni Pridham. I am from Darwin in the Northern Territory, however I go to boarding school in Adelaide at Scotch College. I spend most of my days aimlessly surfing and blogging on the internet, and making movies. I am your usual 16 (and three-quarter) year old, who enjoys flying around the country and tackling some of Australia’s biggest social justice issues.
I will talk about Unleashed – a summit for young change-makers which will take place in Sydney this weekend. I would like to give an insight on the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy crew and hopefully help spread the word about our campaigns on the Closing the Gap program and constitutional recognition. I would also like the capture the happiness, excitement and enthusiasm of everyone attending.
I have an extremely wide range of role models, but if I had to choose I would pick three. Mark Fischbach, an online gaming-entertainer who raises raises money for charities. His story is amazing and he motivates me every day. Waverley Stanley, who is the founder of the scholarship program Yalari, which has provided me with all the schooling opportunities which I have been given for the past five years. Lastly, my parents who encourage me everyday and are the two most amazing people in my life.
There are a range of Australia-wide issues that impact us. Racism is still within our schools and I believe that this is dilapidating because it encourages negative social attitudes within young Indigenous people. We suffer from issues within our own communities as well, like drugs and alcohol and lack of educational support. Personally, when I was younger, it was motivation and having to break out of the “shame-force-field” which prevented me from achieving more, and experiencing life to the fullest.
Hopefully becoming a filmmaker. I want to be able to bring an unique perspective in the field and ultimately I would like to bring my grandmother’s stolen generation story to the screen. It is my ultimate goal.

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