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#IsThisForReal – Scam awareness for Indigenous Communities

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The targeting of Indigenous people is particularly concerning as they are telephoning Indigenous people and pretending to be government departments alleging debt and that a warrant is out for the individual’s arrest and that, if a certain action such as paying money into a particular bank account is not done, then the individual would be cut off from benefits and/or arrested.” Given that there is a considerable number of Indigenous people vulnerable to this heinous scam, it is critical that we raise awareness in communities on how to spot and avoid scammers.

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Is this the Australia we really want?

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We are or soon will be living in a country that has a diminished national broadcaster, will be an international arms trader, have a real-time facial recognition database and new powers that allow police to stop and ask you for your papers every time you step foot in an airport (at this stage).
So the question has to be asked, is this the Australia we really want?