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Tokenism happens but we need this to shift to representation and change

When the media shows pictures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people along with negative words over and over, governments continually speak about how destitute Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and people are, and then using more flattering language and pictures in articles about non-Indigenous people, then the human mind naturally creates its own narrative, in everyone.

CTG is not our ‘problem’ but we have solutions.

The end result was that Closing the Gap has been a huge failure. But if there was one silver lining, it was the Prime Minister’s admission that “over decades, our top-down, government-knows-best approach, has not delivered the improvements we all yearn for”.

230 years on, and the book is still being written

The truth is, that after all of the pain that the colonisers have caused, while we are led to believe that the book on Australia’s colonisation is complete, is actually still wide open, with plenty of blank pages to be filled in.

The Australian Dream: “You Black Monkey Looking C***”

The Australian Dream was devastating, with a running time of 106 minutes, I had tears slowly running down my cheeks for at least 45 of them.

WAM: and just like that, it was gone.

Pablo Escobar said, “everyone has a price, the important thing is to find out what it is”. Ben Wooster and Semele Moore, of newly founded WAM Clothing, asked the question of Aboriginal Flag designer Uncle Harold Thomas. The result was the non-Indigenous duo receiving a worldwide exclusive licence for the Aboriginal Flag on clothing.

Modern Day Australia Abandons its own Anthem.

In 2016, Indigenous Athlete and now Motivational Speaker Joe Williams took a stand by sitting, and started a nationwide conversation by staying silent. Fellow Indigenous athlete Anthony Mundine has caused similar controversy and just last night Cody Walker, Latrell Mitchell, Josh Addo-Carr and Will Chambers did the same by refusing to sing the Australian national anthem while lining up for the NRL State of Origin Opener.

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