Amy McQuire

Amy McQuire is a Darumbal and South Sea Islander journalist and the author of Day Break, illustrated by Matt Chun and published by Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing
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Amy McQuire
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If your child asks why Australia is celebrating a day of invasion, what will you tell them?

Children ask vital questions of the world which expose accepted ‘truths’. On 26 January, we contrast Australian displays of amnesia with Aboriginal truth-telling

Honouring the resistance of Black families and speaking truth to children

Renowned and award winning journalist, Amy McQuire, has authored a children's book that speaks truth to children while honouring the Black resistance that starts within our families.

We must build upon the foundations of Black media

The power of Black media is not just in the ability to report on Aboriginal issues without the oversight of white people who want to control the narrative, but in its accountability.

We can’t dismantle systems of violence unless we centre Aboriginal women

When we talk about eliminating violence against Aboriginal women, we aren’t just talking about individual acts, or solely interpersonal violence.

Aboriginal people have a right to protest the StolenWealth

Australia has always wanted to stake a claim on Aboriginal culture – but only when it benefits them. They remain ignorant when the legislative bullets are fired to weaken and destroy it, and do not seek to protect it when the right to culture and ceremony is in the way of profit and white prosperity.

Spare us your false outrage

On the day of the Abbott-Turnbull leadership spill in 2015, Channel Seven Sunrise host Samantha Armytage joined the talking heads from the other mainstream television stations outside Parliament House.

Mainstream feminism still blind to its racism

The roots of racism within mainstream feminism are still there, under the soil.

Australia values the rights of bigots more than the lives of Aboriginal people

The furore over Bill Leak’s death, and the effect it had on the RDA shows again that the dominant class do not value Aboriginal life, writes Amy McQuire.

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