Change the nation

Warranggal Warruwi towards Maal Circle

We are protectors of country that are labelled as ‘activists’ to portray a disconnected image and scare mainstream society away from issues at hand. However, we have proud mob who are doing the work with their own varied skillsets to contribute to our obligation to care for the life giver.

There’s no power and authority for us in the status quo

Thomas Mayor is an advocate for the Voice and sets out his reasons why and what he hopes it will achieve if supported.

It gets a little bit lonelier each week…

This is not just a matter of equity but a matter of humanity for individuals, families and communities. It is repugnant enough that people die younger through no fault of their own but to miss the opportunity to do so in a socially richer environment, where they can enjoy the quality time with family and grandchildren that others enjoy, denies them of some dignity.

I went home…

I am angry for the many things I don’t know and cannot ask, for opening those wounds would only hurt more. The inquests, the fights, the deaths and ones we no longer speak of, or those who we no longer recognise.

To change the nation, we also need to change ourselves.

Changing the nation requires us blackfellas to also do our bit, and in the prevention of suicide among our mob it’s an important bit. But we must be on the same page. This means no longer treating mob as if they are not worthy of clinical interventions that everybody else has access to. This means no longer excluding Indigenous clinical expertise from the conversation.

Toxic patriotism is not the answer, change is

Patriotism that should be about a love of the land and people has become instead about a justification for bigotry and racism, about instilling hatred in the perceived ‘other’, and about providing a comfortable smokescreen for government looking after its own interests at the expense of the rest of us.

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