5 Tips On How to Avoid Being Hot Garbage this Invasion Day

25 Jan 2022

Don’t be a dumb dawg and have a piss up on aus day, its old, its boring, its racist, it just sux.

Don’t be a dumb dawg and have a piss up on aus day, its old, its boring, its racist, it just sux, its like opening the flithiest dumpster only to find it sparkling and clean, with absolutely no possums. 

Google some shit, like OMFG get in the webs or the gram and look some shit up, inform yourself! And don’t go and ask ya black mate why they don’t, cause it’s not their bloody job to educate you, it’s yours, do the reading, do the work. Also it can be uncomfortable and tiring for us to be constantly put on the spot and have to talk about this shit, especially around the 26th of Jan. 

Like do you know that jan 26th was originally our Day of Mourning for what we lost as a nation of people when our land was invaded….that each state used to have their piss up on a different day which is part of the reason why it’s so hard to understand why peeps can’t get behind the whole change the date campaign, i myself am a lets just abolish the date person but baby steps my peeps baby steps.

Once you’ve done your research and seen the blinding light please know that it’s okay we will not judge ya…..well only a little bit but there are things that you can do!

  1. Go and get that festy southern cross or made in aus tattoo covered up please i’m running out of options on the tinders. Oh and take your fuck off we’re full sticker off the back of your ute, the I love  B & S ball one is fine but the other ones has gotta go!
  2. Buy some shit from Black businness, there are fucking loads and they are amazing, pretty much everything is ally friendly! Ooohhh what…..mind friggin blown, some amazing business owners have even gone as far to put these adorable little labels on all their products that are ally friendly, oh another thing you can do is then tell all ya mates and ya mum to buy from Black businesses!  This is an awesome way that you can Pay the Rent or back pay the rent, also just hit me up for my pay ID and you can pay my rent!
  3. Follow some Black peeps on the gram or the facebooks so that you can stay informed and up to date on Black issues in Aus and around the world, you might even be able to find a protest or march happening in your area to go to instead of gettin on it at the beach. We march every other day of the year for those who’ve died in custody and kids who’ve been taken from their families (it’s higher than it’s ever been). Where have you been? Allies are welcome at all of these events…. Your privilege can actually benefit us… we can use ya’s as human shields if shit gets nasty, nah gammin i would never…..
  4. Use those beautiful fucking ears that are protruding from your amazing head and listen to a podcast….how good are podcasts dont even have to read brah,  there are some deadset solid as ones, ones about invasion and colonistion, comedy, medical, music, look bascailly you’ve got the lot to pick from, again share with friends and ya mum. 
  5. Just be better allies fuck ya! Did you know that we are the only country in the commonwealth that still celebrates this shit… like come on my trash peoples… we can do better, I can probably do better and I know that you definitely can do way better. My last tip is definitely a tip for all year round… notice shit… pay more attention! Please! And when you do start becoming more aware of your surroundings and what the fuck is going on you will start to notice things like… black people getting stopped leaving big w and coles (its called racial profiling and its totally a thing). I am constantly being pulled up when I leave shops and being asked to show the contents of my shopping bag and handbag, it’s boring, it’s rude and guess what… it’s total rascit bullshit, so if you see that happening call it the fuck out! Same goes for if you see us getting stopped by police and hassled or searched, stand with us, ask if we are okay, do we need help, is there anything that you can do? Sometimes it’s just good to be there cause the cops are less likely to beat us in front of white people!

So my lovely trash people that is my 5 points on how not to be a racist dawg on jan 26, so do us all a favour make yourself a filthy devon sandwich and wack on a poddy and just you know get more fucking woke. And OMG don’t forget to always acknowledge whose land you are on before you enter them!

Podcast lists:

https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2021/jul/31/gripping-escapism-17-p odcasts-to-distract-you-from-the-coronavirus 

https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2016/nov/24/australian-podcasts-se ven-of-the-best-for-those-who-hanker-for-something-local 

https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2016/nov/24/australian-podcasts-se ven-of-the-best-for-those-who-hanker-for-something-local 


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