Blair Simpson-Wise

I’m a proud Dunghutti boy who grew up in a rural Kempsey on the Mid North Coast, which exposed me to various socioeconomic conditions. This sparked my interest in politics, economics, and culture and to learn more about disadvantaged groups and communities. Most importantly, what I can do to help them, which I believe is through documenting and informing via news media. I am a 20-year-old student and aspiring journalist studying full-time at the University of Newcastle. I am in my first year studying a double degree of developmental studies majoring in globalisation and communications, majoring in news media. I also contribute to Opus Magazine as the World News Reporter, where my articles are readily available. I cover stories that examine the larger geopolitical news and current affairs happening here in Australia and globally, my most recent being Our Anti-China Stance Makes No Sense. I am particularly passionate about writing pieces on human rights issues, class struggle, and progressive politics.
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