Teila Watson

Teila Watson is a Birri Gubba and Kungalu, Murri woman and recent recipient of the Australia Council’s Dreaming Award at the 10th National Indigenous Arts Awards. She is a singer, poet and lyricist known as Ancestress, and a writer and actor. Her art practice is influenced by climate change, decolonisation, the impact of First Nations knowledges and practice on country and people, and the importance of Land Rights and First Nations sovereignty.
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Ancestress AKA Teila Watson
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Teila Watson: Indigenous knowledge systems can help solve the problems of climate change

All over the planet, we are are facing the most urgent time in human history, the most dire situation of all: the effects of the destruction of our earth. Ice-caps are melting, the climate is changing, and species of animals and plants are being threatened and dying out. Yet many of “the powers that be” are still supporting, pushing and funding the destruction of our life-giving earth, through mining, various forms of agriculture and unsustainable energy creation and usage.

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