Shellie Morris

Shellie Morris is a strong Yunyuwa woman and a multi-award-winning singer/songwriter. Shellie sings in around 17 Aboriginal languages, preserving and promoting first nations culture. She has performed in Black Arm Band and was part of the internationally award-winning musical documentary prison songs.
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Shellie's articles

The Holtz Hotel Section Four

Shellie Morris writes about her experience of working with Aboriginal women and prison and while she’ll be celebrating this year’s NAIDOC theme #becauseofherwecan

This here gap looks like a great divide

Our way is not your way, and it doesn’t have to be. We are strong, we know the land, our stories and our place in our society. This has value.

We are Inter-National Women’s Day every day.

The suffragettes were just ordinary women who came from the upper and middle classes. They wanted change.

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