Mick O'Loughlin

Mick O’Loughlin is a Gamilaraay man from Moree in northern NSW. He has cultural connections to Ngiyampaa and Worimi countries. Michael is the education officer for IndigenousX, having previously worked in the government sector and the private sector in various mentoring roles, including juvenile justice and high schools
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Mick OLoughlin
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10 things you should know about systemic racism

A brief anti-racism 101 crash course for those throwing rocks at Collingwood from the safety of their glass house.

Support all Indigenous tourism, culture spans the continent & islands

Culture is culture. And NSW has culture, as does the NT, and WA, and Qld, the Torres Strait, SA, Vic and Tas… and by all means, experience them all, support Indigenous tourism in all of these places, but don’t come back home and think you’ve just experienced ‘the real Aboriginal culture’ when you haven’t even bothered to learn about the people and lands you currently live on.

Kooriculum Indigenous Science Program

Culture, science and education are three of my key passions and have been as long as I can remember. To me, these are a logical combination – culture provides the lens through which we see the world, science the knowledge, and education how we share both.

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