Marlene Longbottom

Marlene Longbottom is from Roseby Park mission (Jerrinja), she is from the Yuin Nation of the Dharawal and Dhurga language groups of the South Coast of New South Wales. Her areas of interest includes violence and trauma in Indigenous communities, gendered studies, public health, race, political studies and Indigenous research methodologies.
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Marlene Longbottom
Marlene's articles

What will it take to acknowledge and respect our humanity?

Please note; the links shared within this piece are intended to highlight the plight of the Indigenous families and their ongoing struggle for justice in…

The importance of ethics in Indigenous research

Research ethics are part of the swag of outputs I am required complete in my day to day job of being a researcher.

Systemic responses continue to fail and traumatise Aboriginal women who survive violence

I was extremely alarmed to read the recent ABC news report about an Aboriginal woman from a western NSW community who had been charged, and further held in a local police cell overnight, for not attending court to provide evidence as a result of domestic violence...

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