Laura Murphy-Oates

Laura Murphy-Oates is a Ngiyampaa Weilwan woman from New South Wales and the presenter and senior producer of Guardian Australia’s Full Story podcast. Also a reporter/presenter for The Feed on SBS Viceland. She previously worked for NITV. She’s passionate about reporting on Indigenous communities and loves a good podcast and a dip at the beach.
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Laura's articles

On-screen diversity is important but what happens offscreen is paramount

We need leaders on all levels who understand the importance of representation in the media, because they themselves have shouldered the burden of representation and wish to make a world where others of non-Anglo heritage see themselves on and off screen. The consequences of doing otherwise are stark.

Reporting on racism as a light-skinned Koori

As a light skinned Koori, when you first meet me you probably won’t realise I’m Indigenous. Throughout my life that’s led to some interesting situations, especially as a journalist reporting on Indigenous issues for nearly five years now.

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