Kirsten Banks

Kirsten Banks is a proud Wiradjuri woman with a passion for space and astronomy. She is a 2017 CSIRO Indigenous STEM Award finalist.
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Kirsten's articles

It is important to respect Indigenous science practice

Our ancestors navigated across the land using the stars and the planets, they recognised the link between the phases of the moon and the tides. They predicted changes in the weather and identified the variable nature of distant stars in the night sky.

The truth about the Kooriculum

What ACARA has actually done, in short, is they have included elaborations and practical examples as suggestions to help teachers and educators include Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture into the classroom.

I’m following the footsteps of my Aboriginal ancestors, the first astronomers

I like to talk about astronomy a lot. No, scratch that, I love to talk about astronomy. All. The. Time. Thank goodness I do just that for a living.

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