Jared Field

Dr Jared M. Field (Spearim) is a Gamilaraay mari from Moree way, but grew up on Darug land in a small town along the Great Dividing Range. He studied maths and French literature at the University of Sydney, before completing a doctorate at Balliol College, Oxford. He is currently a McKenzie Fellow in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Melbourne.
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Who planted them seeds?

Now, if we are to recognise that shame is an exterior thing, it is both natural and instructive to then ask: who planted them seeds? I ask this question not at all as part of the process of discarding shame, as some have suggested is the best course of action. The shedding of shame, from my standpoint, is in fact at best lazy thinking and at worst wasteful.

On ‘Our African Roots’: A First Nations Response

My mum’s pop was an African American man from Boston who came, in the 1800s, to this particular colony. The circumstances of his coming, the…

Without quite knowing

Jared Field discusses beautifully the search through story for a word that sheds colonial norms and labels.

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