Jade Gould

Jade Gould is a young Butchulla and Woppaburra leader. Jade has a masters of science, and is currently undertaking a PhD in evolutionary biology. Jade was formerly the Chairperson and Director of the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation Native Title Prescribed body corporate for several years - the native title body for managing Butchulla’s rights on K’gari. Some of Jade’s notable achievements in this role is the repatriation of the name of K’gari (Fraser Island), playing a leading role in the management of the 2020 K’gari wildfires and injecting millions of dollars into the Butchulla circular economy through increasing paid employment opportunities for Butchulla people on Country. Jade has also been a member of the Woppaburra TUMRA since 2013. In this role Jade ensures Woppaburra have a voice in the management of Woppaburra sea country. Jade is also a member of the GBRF Traditional Owner Healthy Water Technical Working Group, where she is helping to co-design and co-deliver a Healthy Water program.
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Jade Gould
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How can a Voice to parliament help my people and the wider community?

There’s been a lot of talk about how the Voice to Parliament could assist communities, Youth Yes Campaigner Jade Gould tells us what this could actually look like in practice.

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