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Justice For Walker #IStandWithYuendumu

Media Release circulated Wednesday 5th April 2023

Statement from the ICIN regarding Oscars “goodie bag”

The Indigenous Carbon Industry Network (ICIN) have responded to the 'Pieces of Australia' apparently gifted in The Oscars 'goodie bag'.

IndigenousX – Election 2022

The election campaign for 2022 is riddled with point-scoring and game playing. We are not here for that, we are here to check the record on the issues that matter.

Legal challenge launched to secure fair access to the Age Pension for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Because of the gap in life expectancies, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are being denied the same opportunity to retire and receive support through the Age Pension. While the gap in life expectancies persists, eligibility for the Age Pension should reflect the average life expectancies of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as they age.

Invasion Day is coming

The lead up to January 26 every year is one that is dreaded for a lot of mob because the same conversations and arguments are happening year on year.

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