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Ongoing administrative issues afflict the Indigenous Advancement Strategy

Australia Day and meaningful acknowledgement of First Peoples continue to be debated across the nation, with signs of traction. Unfortunately, the current federal government’s responses have been woeful. As has the continuing poor performance of their Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS).

Inspiring local Aboriginal community leaders to talk more about rethinking sugary drink messages

Cancer Council WA has partnered with Heart Foundation through LiveLighter to raise awareness of the significant health problems associated with sugary drink consumption across Aboriginal Western Australian communities.

The politics of identity and who gets to decide who is – and isn’t – Indigenous

My name is Bronwyn Carlson and I am an Aboriginal woman who was born on and lives on Dharawal Country on the South Coast of NSW. I am an associate professor of Indigenous studies at the University of Wollongong I have been talking about the politics of identity on IndigenousX and it has been an amazing experience having such a significant audience to talk with about my research on identity.

IndigenousX Review: The Little Red Yellow Black Book

Anyone reading the “Little Red Yellow Black Book” (LRYBB) should expect to have their perspectives and understanding changed. It will surprise you, in all the right ways… Who knew I could gain so much, from a humble 140 pages? I consider myself pretty aware of issues within history and day to day events, but I was amazed at how many facts and perspectives in LRYBB were new to me. And stories of people I hadn’t previously heard about, and should have… I personally believe that too many people in Australia (and around the world) unfortunately don’t know enough about Indigenous Australia, but for those who are interested in learning more, this is essential reading.

Charles Prouse IndigenousX Host

The next generation of Indigenous leaders shows great promise for Australia’s future. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have some of the most charismatic and intellectually accomplished leaders in Australia and indeed the world.

IndigenousX announces new partnership.

IndigenousX is very proud to be able to announce a new partnership with the Australian Institute of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) and Aboriginal Studies Press (ASP) that will allow our fans and followers to receive a 10% discount every time they shop online at ASP simply by adding the discount code: IndigenousX

An afternoon Q&A – IndigenousX

Join us to hear Luke Pearson’s views on Australian racism, identity, Indigenous affairs, and social media in his own unique style. Luke has worked as a teacher, researcher, traditional dancer, public speaker, anti-racism trainer, online advocate and social media consultant.

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