Eelemarni Bundarn Close-Brown

Eelemarni Close-Brown is a proud Indigenous woman.
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Eelemarni's articles

Mudgin-Gal: A Place of Refuge for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women in Metro Sydney

IndigenousX recently spoke to CEO Ashlee Donohue, a proud born and bred Dunghutti Woman from Kempsey about Mudgin-Gal, the only Aboriginal Women’s Service in Sydney for assisting and advocating for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children who have or are currently experiencing Domestic and Family Violence. 

I don’t want to play: new song highlights racism in AFL

Artists James Alberts aka ‘Jimblah’ and Marlon Moltop address racism in the AFL with “Lean on Me”, a song of resilience.

Exclusive: celebrating the career of Eddie Betts

Eddie Betts' prowess as a football player is well known, as is his leadership and generosity off the field. IndigenousX speaks exclusively with Eddie as he hangs up his boots and tells us what is next.

Wangan & Jagalingou Community Calls to Action to Protect Sacred Country

The Wangan and Jagalingou community call on Adani to immediately withdraw from their country as per their eviction notice and call us to action in support.

Grassroots Activist to Politician: Yvonne Weldon and Team Unite Making History for First Nations People

Residents of the City of Sydney, Greater Sydney and Mob around the country may soon witness a historical political moment for our people in the…

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