Tess Ryan

Tess Ryan is a proud Biripi woman completing her PhD at the University of Canberra on the topic of Indigenous women and leadership in Australia. Tess works with the Melbourne Poche Centre for Indigenous Health at the University of Melbourne.
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Dr Tess Ryan
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Addressing conservative mouthpieces and their aversion to truth

The most dangerous time is a time of change, and those who fight the dirtiest are the ones who believe that change is not in their personal interest. We have seen this with every incremental win in the fight for civil rights.

Language is Power

Learning Gathang is one way of taking back something that was taken.

Universities think they are Star Fleet, but really they are the Borg.

They say they want us to ‘Indigenise’ them, but really they want to assimilate us.

It’s mob that build our capability in health research

As black researchers in Australia, we regularly hear about how best to build our capacity in education and research so that we may further contribute to the academic space.

I write about strong, black women to highlight the positive stories we share

Over three years ago, I began a PhD in Indigenous women’s leadership in Australia, specifically looking at the current era we are in. What an era it is: not a day goes by without a story coming up on my Twitter feed about yet another issue that directly affects us as Indigenous people (with our voices largely ignored).

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