Hannah McGlade

Dr. Hannah McGlade is the Senior Indigenous Research Fellow at Curtin University, Perth. A human rights lawyer, Hannah was appointed the 2016 Senior Indigenous Fellow at the Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva. Hannah is an active member of the Perth Noongar community who has helped to establish key services in relation to Aboriginal media, the stolen generations and for victims of family violence and sexual assault. Her book ‘Our Greatest Challenge, Aboriginal children and Human Rights,’ received the 2013 Stanner award for excellence in Aboriginal research and she is the editor of ‘Treaty, Let’s get it Right’ published by AIATIS.
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Hannah McGlade
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COVID urgency and calls for release

Several United Nations bodies including the World Health Organisation, the Office of Drug Control and the High Commissioner for Human Rights have given clear advice that there is no time to lose. Prisoner health is a public health matter and prisoners must not be forgotten.

Australia’s commitment to human rights to be examined by international committee

In this last year, events including Indigenous youth being assaulted in detention, the killing of young Elijah Doherty and the treatment of refugees on Manus Island, have highlighted Australian race relations are not as they should be. Having recently been elected unopposed to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Australia has a fundamental obligation to ensure that it acts as a world leader in regards to human rights.

Talking about Race

On September 13 the United Nations will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Australia was initially opposed to the Declaration, but now supports it. Bidding for seat on the UN Human Rights Council, our government also promotes itself as a model human rights citizen.

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