Callum Clayton-Dixon

Callum Clayton-Dixon is Ambēyaŋ (southern clan/dialect of the ‘Anaiwan’ tribal/language group), a founding member of the Anaiwan Language Revival Program, and a postgraduate research student at the University of New England in Armidale NSW. The title of his dissertation is ‘decolonising the Anaiwan language’.
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Callum's articles

Our history of resistance involves revitalising our traditional languages

This year marks the bicentennial of John Oxley’s 1818 reconnaissance mission to the so-called ‘New England Tableland’ in New South Wales, which lay the foundation for two hundred years (and counting) of violent and stifling colonialism. The first squatter reached New England in 1832, and an intense period of frontier conflict accompanied the ensuing invasion and occupation.

A holistic approach to Aboriginal languages in NSW

New South Wales will soon be the first Australian jurisdiction to introduce Aboriginal languages legislation. The draft bill contains statements recognising Aboriginal peoples’ right to “learn and maintain” our languages, and acknowledging “the need to take action…to ensure the survival of Aboriginal languages”.

I can’t call myself an Indigenous Australian and also say sovereignty never ceded

Aboriginal sovereignty is not an abstract idea and can’t be dismissed as such. IndigenousX host Callum Clayton-Dixon explains the concept and why he thinks it’s integral to the future of Indigenous people in Australia.

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