Amy Thunig

Amy Thunig is a Kamilaroi woman, and researcher at teh Universtiy of Newcastle Undertaking a PhD in education, while juggling parenting and partnering, Amy’s interests and writing centre around family life, Indigenous rights, social justice, academia and education.
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Amy Thunig
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Indigenous academic women: treated as ‘black performer’ in higher education

Despite being highly qualified within the academic system, and sovereign beings of these unceded lands, Indigenous academic women are often positioned as ‘black performer’ by their fellow academics and colleagues.

Debunking: ‘Protests do nothing’

Australia Day, Invasion Day, Day of Mourning and Protest – however you label it, this long weekend should be acknowledged as one of activism.

We do not need to give Abbott a chance, we know who he is

Tony Abbott holds no qualifications or expertise in the area of education, and has a history of mismanagement and negative meddling when he has been in positions of power over Indigenous affairs

10 questions I get from non-Indigenous students

"Do you think Aboriginal people have been helped to survive to this point because of white people?"

Indigenous academic women, because of her, we can.

Kamilaroi woman, and researcher at the University of Newcastle Amy Thunig writes about the strength of Indigenous women in academia. How their role is intrinsically linked to politics and activism.

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