17 Mar 2022

Always and Again is a poem written by queer Goorie writer, Brooke Scobie.

Joy doesn’t live here

Not really

Not for us


Iron strokes

Of concrete colony

Split country in two

Papier-mâché skull

Melted sky saliva and silver lichen


Here where the world has ended 

251 times under and again

Here with you, without us

Joy is a liar

A thief


Our river lined and secret truth

Joy is in spirit

Living tendrils growing emerald

Curled round synapses 

Alive and dreaming


In our sibylline desires

Of a future where

Was is

Is was

Always and round


Collective sight

Fore, fifth and sixth

Grandmother melaleuca 

Twists titanium spines

Lantana and cinder block dust


Pyre ships billow

Blackened and rusted

Night thrones of

Glass shard sand

No longer rise to meet the sea

Beset with karkalla 


Bellies full of thunderous silence

Lines undrawn flow from parted lips

And joy is real

For she lives here

With us


Soft under foot

Once tended tender

Land back and stood back


Joy is was

Was is

Always and again.

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