IndigenousX partnered with the NSW AECG in 2020 to develop the Kooriculum program.

The Kooriculum program is a collection of workshops built around the Elaborations developed by ACARA, for years K-6.

The purpose of these is to provide all students with a deeper understanding of and respect for Indigenous Science, and to support teachers with finding practical and engaging ways to incorporate these perspectives across the curriculum.

All the workshops involve hands-on activities for students designed to demonstrate and explore Indigenous Science concepts and link these directly to the Science curriculum.

Where possible we have also included Traditional stories, games and dances, which help to support the key learning concepts of the workshop and demonstrate how our sciences are interwoven within culture.

The Kooriculum Program is designed to be a full day program delivered on site at your school, due to COVID-19 Restrictions we are currently developing an electronic version of the program.

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