Black Queerness: A Mutually-Assured Construction

The celebration and assertion of our identities as queer mob has always unsettled and challenged colonial sentiments; that complex sexualities are incompatible with Aboriginality. Resilience and reclamation runs in the blood of our mob, queer Blakfullas have always been at the frontier of resistance.

Invasion Day and the Inherent Discrimination of Australian Nationalism

Nationalism is defined as an ideology or movement of intense devotion and loyalty to one nation-state by prioritising that nation’s interests over others. Nationalism is not inherently good or bad. It depends entirely on how it is used and what message is portrayed.

5 Tips On How to Avoid Being Hot Garbage this Invasion Day

Don’t be a dumb dawg and have a piss up on aus day, its old, its boring, its racist, it just sux.

Rest as Resistance

Mililma May, Larrakia/Tiwi woman and co-founder of Uprising of the People writes about rest as resistance during a global pandemic and rise of white supremacists anti-vax groups.

Bypass the BBQ and Show Up this Invasion Day

This January 26th I challenge you to forego the usual beers and bbq, and instead start a new trend. 

Some Books You Can Read Instead Of Celebrating ‘Australia Day’

We are still here, we have survived. I am a bookworm at heart, and keep track of all the books I read, I know when I was at an Invasion Day march on Gadigal Country two years ago, I was reading Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe at the time. Carrying it around in my backpack, next to my water bottle and my phone, switched off. Why would I need my phone when everything I need to feel connected to my people is right here?

A milestone for Black sovereignty in this country: celebrating 50 years of the Tent Embassy

Fifty years on, Canberra’s Tent Embassy is proudly adorned with symbols of an everlasting culture

What is racial invisibility, and how do white people benefit from it?

When white Australians became ‘just Australians’, they could keep the land and power without being reminded of how they were attained.

Aboriginal English – what isn’t it?

The land gave birth to our languages; language and culture are inseparable. And yet, languages have been and continue to be stolen, with all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages currently under threat.

Leaders of Aboriginal Tent Embassy denounce fire at old Parliament House

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy to this present day is a site for remembering our collective resistance and our unceded sovereignty.  Leaders of the Embassy announced they did not endorse, support or mandate the actions which resulted in the fire at old Parliament House.

Mudgin-Gal: A Place of Refuge for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women in Metro Sydney

IndigenousX recently spoke to CEO Ashlee Donohue, a proud born and bred Dunghutti Woman from Kempsey about Mudgin-Gal, the only Aboriginal Women’s Service in Sydney for assisting and advocating for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their children who have or are currently experiencing Domestic and Family Violence. 

Don’t be slak this Christmas, buy Blak!

Shake a leg and your coin purse and show up for Blak businesses this Christmas. Indigenous X has put together a gift guide of Ally-friendly Blak-owned businesses you can support this Festivus. We've got everything for everyone with gift ideas ranging from trackies to tattoos, and it's all Blak owned and will have you and your mob looking Deadly!

Decolonisation of the workplace! Is more important than ever

Decolonising an organisation must be intentional, resourced and based on ethical, moral and legal motivations for workplaces to learn and apply respectful ways of ensuring Indigenous self-determination and institution-wide responsibility.

Indigenous incarceration: an extension of the Protection Era

Policies that continue to disproportionately inflict violence and disruption on First Nations people show we are still a penal colony

Heavily policing our communities does not reduce crime or combat poverty

If you grew up in an Indigenous community, you would have heard someone say, “they’re out today, aren’t they?” And you would ask, who? And…

Addressing deficit reporting is more than just telling positive stories

Oftentimes deficit discourse is 'fixed' by counterbalancing but this is not the whole picture and Luke Pearson discusses the complexity and origins of this issue.

Doing the work to address Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a significant issue in Aboriginal communities. Ray Kelly shares his experience and what work is being done to support our community health.

On ‘Our African Roots’: A First Nations Response

My mum’s pop was an African American man from Boston who came, in the 1800s, to this particular colony. The circumstances of his coming, the…

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