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  • Marlene Longbottom
  • 1 Dec 2020

How many Indigenous women and girls have to die or go missing before our humanity is acknowledged and respected?

Please note; the links shared within this piece are intended to highlight the plight of the Indigenous families and their ongoing struggle for justice in recognition of their tireless work in honoring their loved ones. I share these with greatest respect. As I come…

  • Luke Pearson
  • 23 Nov 2020

If that is not who we are, then who are we?

  • Olga Havnen
  • 12 Nov 2020

NT Govt bypasses community concerns to pave way for liquor superstore

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If that is not who we are, then who are we?

Australia has been trying very hard for a very long time to have its cake and eat it too when it comes to the idea of ‘we’.

Indigenous people in Eden calling for just recompense 20 years after Olympics

The Commonwealth Government of Australia on behalf of the Defence compulsorily acquired, portions of the Eden Local Aboriginal community subject lands pursuant to lands acquisition Act 1989, by way of imposing restriction on the said land. This compulsory restrictions acquisition was carried out without the prior, free and informed consent of the Aboriginal community.

History Made: Torres Strait Adoption Bill passes

Today, 8 September 2020, the child rearing practices of Torres Strait Islanders were given recognition in the law of Queensland by the passage of the Meriba Omasker Kaziw Kazipa (Torres Strait Islander Traditional Child Rearing Practice) Bill 2020 through parliament. Years of Torres Strait Islander Elder advocacy have led to this extraordinary outcome.

Together our Voices are the most powerful of all

The greatest lesson I learned from the dialogues is the generosity of spirit of our old people and their pragmatism. They turned up to the meetings with energy and they brought the cultural protocol and the allegories and the leadership, and they led with the language of peace and friendship.

Black liberation – it’s time to be on the right side of history

The years of assimilation are slowly coming undone with the resurgence of our cultural identities and a returning to our traditional ways after generations of beatings by the hands of state-sanctioned violence.

The Audacity of Anger

"But the angry black woman is not just a dehumanising caricature; actual angry black women are a real threat to the colony. And when we get angry, right on cue the Native Police arrive to quell the troublemakers, each and every time"

Racism wasn’t built in a day (and it can’t be torn down in a day either)

Cultural Competence training or Cultural Awareness training, whatever it is called, should not be positioned as punishment. If Student Evaluation Surveys on mandatory courses tells any academic anything, it is that people made to participate in a space they are not willingly entering will not actively engage and will actively resist.

On-screen diversity is important but what happens offscreen is paramount

We need leaders on all levels who understand the importance of representation in the media, because they themselves have shouldered the burden of representation and wish to make a world where others of non-Anglo heritage see themselves on and off screen. The consequences of doing otherwise are stark.

Defunding the police and abolishing prisons are not radical ideas

It is not so radical to say we need to defund police and pour much needed funds and resources into areas that improve social issues such as housing, health, education and employment. These, in turn, reduce the incarceration rates of Aboriginal people and reduces the over-reliance of degrading and dehumanising punitive measures such as prisons.

Racism ended my netball career before it even began

Ultimately, the Australian netball experience conditioned me to silence myself around white women and contributed negatively to my body image.

The forgotten Firebird

Erasure of Indigenous women is common practice in Australia. 25 years ago I stood on that sideline like Jemma Mi Mi, the only difference now is Netball Australia has a RAP and an Indigenous round. That to me says we still have a very long way to go.

To my fellow blerds: this is for you

This article is for the young blerds of our community, the blak nerds who haven’t really felt included in the community or made to feel “different”. Our IndigiNerds going into the gaming industry, cosplay realm or just being a panellist on a stage at a comic convention.

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