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  • James Saunders
  • 19 Feb 2021

Public Statement – First Nations voices restricted by Facebook

First Nations Media Australia calls for the immediate reinstatement of First Nations media organisation Facebook pages blocked overnight in response to the Government’s proposed Mandatory News Bargaining Code. First Nations media organisations provide essential information services to First Nations communities. Many organisations have built…

  • Tony Birch
  • 11 Feb 2021

Silencing victims compounds the violence of racism

  • Nayuka Gorrie
  • 5 Feb 2021

The labour of death and the radical tradition of burying our own


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Silencing victims compounds the violence of racism

Tony Birch offers us a personal reflection on the violence of racism and how this is compounded through a culture of erasure and silencing.

For us, they are not just numbers, they are real women who matter

My name is Shirleen Campbell. I’m a mum, a grandmother, an aunty, a daughter, a sister, a wife and a proud Warlpiri and Arrernte woman who is a third generation resident of an Alice Springs Town Camp, Lhenpe Artnwe, better known as Hoppy’s Camp.

I said ‘I’m in labour’ but no one listened

As a lead on the Birthing on Country Project, I have a chance to ensure no woman experiences what I endured.

It’s time to listen to and value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s voices

This International Women’s Day, #PressforProgress will be the call of millions of women. Across the world today, violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread, persistent and devastating of all human rights violations.
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IndigenousX calls for ratification of UNDRIP

IndigenousX calls for ratification of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) into law in order to provide a core set of requirements that underpin a relationship of good faith for any laws and reforms considered in the future.

Strategies for caring for our community during Invasion season

Dominic calls for the care of mob on the frontlines of organising and protests to receive priority care from Aboriginal health organisations, particularly during the heightened period of January where the amplified racism takes a serious toll.

Honouring the resistance of Black families and speaking truth to children

Renowned and award winning journalist, Amy McQuire, has authored a children's book that speaks truth to children while honouring the Black resistance that starts within our families.
  • 25 Jan 2021

The Vigil – the night before … January 25th

Reflections of the night before, what is known as the last day of freedom to many in the movement of resistance, give us a tapestry of what was and what was irreparably disturbed.

Stop calling us divisive – you’re the ones who invaded!

What is with politicians and their love affair with calling Indigenous people's aspirations 'divisive?'

Silencing the Voice: How government is failing the Uluru Statement from the Heart

On the 9th of January this year, Minister for Indigenous Australians, Ken Wyatt, released the ‘Indigenous Voice Co-Design Interim Report to the Australian Government’ (the…

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