A collection of articles debunking common racist ideas that we got tired of arguing with trolls online about, so we thought we’d save time by just writing articles on them.

Debunking: ‘Aborigines took this place from the pygmies’

These theories are outdated and are not accepted as facts by almost anybody in the fields of anthropology, archeology or history.

Debunking: ‘There are more important things to talk about than Australia Day’

Almost certainly there are more important issues effecting Indigenous people than the celebrations on January 26 but that is entirely not the point.

Debunking: ‘Protests do nothing’

Australia Day, Invasion Day, Day of Mourning and Protest – however you label it, this long weekend should be acknowledged as one of activism.

Debunking: ‘invasion was the best thing to ever happen to Indigenous people’

I’m going to start with a popular lie from racists – the idea that Indigenous people should be thankful white people came and gave us access to the ‘best that Western civilisation has to offer’.
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