Five Questions with Mindy Kwantan

In 2014, Twitter Hosts by IndigenousX

Mindy Kwantan was Indigenous X host from February 28 to March 7, 2014.

Five questions to Mindy

I am a proud Wiradjuri woman who’s part of a big family. The centre of my world revolves around my husband Mitchell and making music and creating with him. We are in a duo called Bow and Arrow, and together we cover a broad range of sounds and styles from dark edgy moody stuff to triumphant uplifting tunes.

We live in a property outside of Sydney with quarter horses (Muffet and Leroy Brown), a cat (CC the cat) and one black mini poodle (Ziggy Stardust). Although my focus is Bow and Arrow, I do do some solo work on the side. Lately I’ve been singing with Archie Roach and The Black Arm Band, which have been such amazing experiences. My life is music and art and I surround myself with beautiful things and people. I also run an adult pop choir called Shower Idols.

I plan on talking to people and really touch base on what they think. I want to talk about some pressing issues that have been on my mind, from youth suicide and depression, to the relevance of Australia Day and also bring attention to some environmental issues. I hope to post some positive things to help inspire people to make a difference too, but mostly I want to remind people to connect back to country and to nature.
I will be posting images and language from my country and encouraging people to do the same and share it out with the world. As music is my passion, I will interweave posts about artists who are inspiring to me and people who I think should be celebrated or listened to, along with information on my own upcoming gigs and music
I have many. I look up to the trees and the sky. I have my grandma, who taught me singing from a young age, who is still in my life today. Archie Roach is definitely a role mode; he is like a wise old tree and I love being in his energy, watching him and listening to the things he has to say. He is a man of many stories and I look up to his connection to his audience, to himself, and to country. Lou Bennett is someone I really look up to. She has been such an inspiration and guiding light and I really respect both of them as people, as well as their music and stories. I look up to anyone who shows love and compassion for no gain, no matter what the situation. You don’t have to be famous.
Youth suicide. Reading the numbers in hard black and white is really hard for me to stomach and I find it really shocking. I have decided not to feel helpless about this and rise up to get conversations started as to what we can do as a community to address this issue. Those children are our next generation, and the issue needs to be tackled now.
I hope to travel the world with Bow and Arrow; to experience different countries and cultures through singing and sharing our music. I hope to be challenged and to be open to constant learning. I hope to see in my lifetime an egalitarian society where we are free from the shackles of the financial corporate system that is no longer relevant to the people of the world. One where we respect our earth and environment and the resources she has. Powered by clean energy. Everyone will have the right to free shelter, food and education.

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