Five Questions with Joe Williams

In 2014, Twitter Hosts by IndigenousX

Joe Williams was Indigenous X host from December 15 to December 30.

Five questions to Joe Williams

I’m Joe Williams, Wiradjuri man born in Cowra, and raised in Wagga Wagga, NSW. I’m a man who fights for all things equality – not just race, but all things. I do my best to make everyone around me feel comfortable.

I’m a former NRL player and current boxer. I use my sporting profile to connect with youth. I believe that gaining an education is the key to getting a head start in life.

I am not, nor have I ever been, someone who sits on his hands. I’ll use this week to express my views – especially regarding Indigenous Australia – and also to highlight positive actions being taken in my area and workforce.

I have lived a blessed life and have come into contact with many great role models. My mother and father first and foremost, for building my confidence.

In my sporting career, none more than the great Arthur Beetson (whom I lived with for two years) and world champion boxing trainer Jonny Lewis OAM. Both men believed in me at different parts of my life. I love and thank them for that.

Last but not least, my children – aged nine, eight, three and three months old. They already show the ability to lead honourable lives.

I believe in equality: race, gender, age and abilities. I’m most passionate about children’s entitlement to an equal playing ground.

To continue my boxing career, slowly climbing the ladder and achieving the best I can. Professionally, I would love a future in politics, to represent my family, friends and people with a positive voice.

I would love to see the back end of racism in this country – to see a black kid and white kid walk the same road without getting judged. See the world through non judgemental eyes!

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